Bronzer VS Blush

I have always been a bit lost between these make-up products. This is good information for me and hopefully for you too! 🙂 Do share your make-up stories too.


A lot of women and girls find themselves a bit bewildered and simply confused when it comes to choosing the right blush or bronzer for their complexion.  There are special guidelines to help you out and i’ll write them here. I hope this will help you out!

First off, people are usually mislead by the name bronzer. you want to go for that healthy sun kissed look not actual bronze. So bronzer and blush are used to highlight, contour and give you that healthy glow and can give radiance to all skin colors. Look at the categories below and find out what suits you best.

Fair skin: If you find that you have lighter skin, you are better off with skipping the bronzer and only using a blush to highlight your cheekbones. Stay away from too red,orange and brown because they can make you look clownish, dirty or like…

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