I love McQueen’s Fall / Winter 2013 theme – black and white: cold, detailed and extremely accurate shows the thoroughness of the leaders in every single detail. Portrayed in the images is the model Edie Campbell photographed by David Sims.

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The White Box: Eco-Fashion

I was sippin some Ginger chai and thinking about how all of us want to be fashionable and especially with Eco-friendly options that give back; fashion that can help us spread good in the world and we can flaunt great stuff at the same time!

I happen to stumble upon this page (while sippin’ my cuppa of Chai) called The White Box. Unusual in name and its offerings; The White Box is a collection of handmade, creative products mostly made from eco-friendly materials. And all products are for SALE!

The White Box

I haven’t had the opportunity to touch and feel their products but what I see is pretty impressive and crafty! 🙂 Check out their hand-made Gift Tags collection  or hand-made Gift Boxes. My personal favorite is the hand-painted Shot Glasses collection, I think it is super chic!

Shot Glasses

Shot Glasses

There is lots more you’ll find once you start exploring their Facebook page. Some of these would great party favors or personalized gifts to friends and family.

Before I end this post, I like to share that that TWB is running a campaign called ‘Doodle a Day Project‘. Everyone is welcome to join! All you need to do is look through the list that is posted on their FB page for your drawing inspiration, post your doodle and and tag it with #doodleadayjune.

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My Maybelline Favorites: Baby Lips & Collosal Kajal

Maybe She's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline.

Maybe She’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.


I am a BIG fan of Maybelline products and my absolute favorites are Baby Lips – Lip Balm and the Colossal Kajal. I am so addicted that I cannot imagine leaving home without wearing ’em. Infact, I have one pair in every bag. 😉

However, there is a downside to it. It moisturize my lips but it doesn’t really last that long. The color stain I would say is good to average, depending on which one you have brought. Like, Berry Crush has a better color stain than Pink Lolita.

I personally love ’em. 🙂

Do you have a Maybelline favorite?



Why incense sticks and scented soaps are fashionable – Fun Finds!

Fun Fashion finds don’t always have to include make-up, heels, clothes or other glam stuff. Sometimes the non-glam stuff is really cool and feel-good. Here is what I picked this weekend, absolutely delicious and oh so lovely!

My fun fashion finds:

I love incense. Not just the regular ones, which people normally burn in a meditative place ( i like ’em too) but the differently flavored scents.



Every time I visit the incense store, I am like a kid  in a candy store. I want to pick ’em all! At Auroshikha, there are OVER 100 VARIETIES OF    INCENSE – pine, geranium, lemon, green tea, vanilla (my favt), tea rose, oceanic and more. Perfect for an incense connoisseur like me. Out of the numerous scents available, my favorite scent is Vanilla. 🙂

I basically just love these because they give off such a beautiful scent that lasts for ages filling the whole room. I like to burn my favorite incense while prepping for a party or a date with a friend. It makes me feel relaxed and really nice. 🙂 You can pick ’em online too – It is also an economical way to keep your house fresh!


Incense Sticks

Awesome Incense Sticks


Super Scented Sachets:

I absolutely love these. I love to place them in my wardrobe. It keeps my clothes smelling good – ALL THE TIME! 🙂 I often pick a bunch of these for my friends and family!

Super Scented Sachets

Super Scented Sachets


Delectable Hand-made Soaps:

An absolute favorite. I picked each one of ’em.  I like the gentleness of handmade soaps, and the wonders they can do for your skin, plus, they smell AWESOME. I am adamant that everyone should try handmade soap. It’s nothing like soap you buy in a regular store.

I think they make great party favors and gifts too!


Delectable Soaps

Delectable Soaps


Delectable Soaps

Lemony Fresh

Rose Scented Soaps

Rose Scented Soaps


What were your recent fun fashion finds? Tell us in comments. 


Summer Fling: Top Flirty Picks of the Day!

Prepping for date? Want to bring out the girl in you? Want to be feminine and oh so pretty and yet flirty! 😉 Check out these dresses from Chicfactor store!

If you are not living in India right now, you can always find look a alike at your local store or any online dress store. But these are sure to make you feel flirty and feminine!

Here are my TOP Picks  –



White Floral Dress


The Mint Dance Dress

The Mint Dance Dress


Btw, a friend of mine bought this and wore it to her daughter’s party. It looked super hot and feminine! I think this dress  is a must-pick! Plus, the mint color is lovely for summer. 🙂

What are you top picks for looking flirty & feminine?

Keep sippin’ on the fashion chai!