Easy DIY Earring Holder for the Creatively Challenged!

This is one of those grab-and-go solutions for organizing your earrings and rings. 

I am not big on organizing stuff. Definitely not one of my strengths. My mum cringes because my stuff is sometimes all over the place, especially jewelry. I tried storing my earrings in a box (see below) but it’s so hard to find the pairs in this box. They get entwined into each other. It’s hard to match the pair. Until this weekend, I always had trouble looking for the right earring for the outfit. Trust me, I had a pretty strong earring karma. BUT, I decided to change it this weekend.

I decided that I need something to not only keep it organized, but where I could see it all: rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings together to coordinate quickly and easily. So, here is my quick-fix solution, which even the most creatively challenged folks can make. Actually, the wonderful thing is you don’t even have to make it. *wink*

my box

This is what we looked like before. Can you find a perfect match? :p

So, this is what I did –

I grabbed my mum’s old net Sari cover, printed with quilted fabric on top. Usually, It is used to hang a Sari so that the outfit can  be protected from dust & moisture. The pores on the net material are perfect for hanging earrings. So, there you go. It was that simple. I had to do NOTHING. I just hung the empty net cover on the wall of my wardrobe store and hung all my earrings. Now, it only takes me few seconds to spot the perfect earring to go with my outfit.

Additionally, I took some net and made small pockets on the cover to hold the studs and rings. 🙂 Now, I can happily dclare I am free of my earring karma. Are you?

Net Sari Cover

Net Sari Cover







Turn Glass Into A Decorative Piece: Some DIY Ideas

Lovely ideas!!

My Beautiful Mess

Using a glass or a jar to spruce up your center table or dining table is what we all have done one or the other time.

But today, I will be showing you some super easy ideas that are enough to change the look of entire party set up.

So here you go..!!

1. Wedding table centerpiece: Just turnaround those cocktail glasses and put a nice candle and its ready to light up.

2. Cranberry Effect: Put cranberries in a square glass and top it up with a candle.

3. Dessert centerpiece: Make your dessert sweeter by decorating it.

4. Easter Time: Get these plastic eggs for that special Easter celebration.

5. Lace it up: Jazz up your old mason jar. Simple cover it with lace and add decorative items like brooches, ribbon, pearl strands, craft/hair flowers and finish by placing a candle inside.

Let us know, which ones you…

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Summer Shoes: Create Your Own

My Beautiful Mess

Summers are here! So is the time for cute summer dresses, high hemmed skirts, trendy shorts and rugged capris.

Choosing the perfect footwear to match your summer dresses can be quite a task. Finding footwear that is trendy, comfortable and affordable is surely a challenge for all those divas out there.

So here is a super easy trick to turn around your boring flip flops into an uber chic pair. What you need is a pair of flips flops, an old scarf and scissors.

So jump on and create one voguish pair for this summer. Stay Fashionable!!

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