Molly’s Make-Over Story by A Beautiful Mess

I simply love Make-over Stories! I mean who doesn’t. Didn’t we loved the way Cinderella transformed into a princess. The before-after look is ALL about transformation which is what makes make-over stories really awesome. Do you have a make-over story that you would like to share? In pictures, better still! 🙂 Do post it on comments. I found a really interesting make-over story here!

When ABeautifulMess team asked Molly what her goals were for this project she said, “Change is a huge part of who I am, but when it comes to style I felt that mine had stayed the same since college.” Molly was looking to update her look, keeping her modern lifestyle in mind. Here’s her before look…

Molly's makeover story beforeMolly's Look 1Molly's full look

I think the ABeautifulMess team did a wonderful job with Molly. I think Molly’s exuberant personality was getting dimmed in the earlier look. This really brings out her best! She looks quirky and super fun!! What do you think? Tell F n C in comments!

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