I love McQueen’s Fall / Winter 2013 theme – black and white: cold, detailed and extremely accurate shows the thoroughness of the leaders in every single detail. Portrayed in the images is the model Edie Campbell photographed by David Sims.

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How to Rock the Maxi Skirt Look

❤ A fashionista’s wardrobe should must contain a maxi skirt….whether it’s chiffon or cotton, it really is a Spring and Summer staple! Maxi skirts are awesomely versatile, they’re so easy to mix with different garment styles and the main reason it’s a girls’ most-loved fashion piece is due to it’s ability to give you a slimmer and taller look!.

❤ The right accessories can also help you create a lean, sleek silhouette. Wear a belt around the narrowest part of your waste to emphasize your shape, or simply add a jacket or blazer for structure.

maxi skirt with blazer

❤ Petite ladies can pull off small prints, but they should avoid larger patterns that can overwhelm their shape. Dark, solid colors can make anyone look slimmer, and they offer the most versatility in terms of where the dress can be worn.

maxi skirt accessories

❤ Blake lively looks splendid in this lovely maxi skirt

red chiffon maxi skirt

❤ Look out for pleating this season! A pleated maxi skirt looks chic and ultra-feminine. Pair it with a basic tee, ballet flats, and a compact handbag for an effortlessly stylish look.

Chiffon Maxi Skirts celebs

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Cheap and Easy Nail Polish Storage Idea under $5 / INR 250

We all love to have a few favorite colors sitting out on the vanity but since nail art has become such a huge trend, you may be the proud owner of LOTS of polishes.

Here’s a fancy little idea for storing your nail polish collection for under $5. Here is how i did it –


I picked this box from a Sabda, Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi for INR 250. You can easily find this box at any stationery shop or better still you can make one at home from an old shoe-box!

Nail Polish Box


You can also use a box like this to store some of your lip-colors too! 🙂


I decorated this box with my hair tic-tacs 🙂

You can put this paper box to other good uses too. I’ll be doing another post on that soon.  Hope you liked this idea. If you have a bigger nail polish collection, then you need to see this – 15 beautiful ideas to organise your nail polish

Tell me, how do you store your nail polish?

Snatch that Skirt: Get that Look!

As I shared in my earlier post on Everyday Fashion, I have been studying (read: looking) lota fashion bloggers. I discovered one very interesting blog – Unity in Fashion. The pictures are straight outta fashion mag . Very well done! I look at such perfection and realize how funny and clumsy I am about fashion; I totally look like Cinderella’s poor cousin (cos Ms. C eventually married P. Charmin’ and got access to all those fantablous dresses. Me, I m still lookin for the one!!)! 🙂  Anyway, before I ramble any further, take a look at how this blogger is totally rocking the mini-skirt fad!


This one has a mystical and dreamy quality to it. Pretty-stunning!

unity in fashion

unity in fashion



Interesting facts about mini-skirts:

  • The earliest known culture to have females wear clothing resembling miniskirts were the Duan Qun Miao, which literally meant “short skirt Miao” in Chinese. This was in reference to the short miniskirts “that barely cover the buttocks” worn by women of the tribe, and which were “probably shocking” to observers in medieval and early modern times.
  • Mary Quant ran a popular clothes shop in Kings Road, Chelsea, London, called Bazaar, from which she sold her own designs. In the late 1950s she began experimenting with shorter skirts, culminating in the creation of the miniskirt in 1964—one of the defining fashions of the decade.[3][4] Quant named the miniskirt after her favourite make of car, the Mini.
  • In spring of 1982, (see June Time Magazine) short skirts began to re-emerge, notably in the form of “rah-rahs”, which were modeled on those worn by female cheerleaders at sporting and other events. In the mid-1980s the “puffball” skirt enjoyed short term popularity, being worn by, among others, the Princess of Wales and singers Pepsi and Shirli.

Why wear mini-skirts:

  • They are more interesting than wearing pants
  • They have more flare and verve.
  • Believe it or not, short skirts are great for lazy people. Easy to put on and take off. :p
  • Believe it or not, short skirts lead to excellent fitness. First, they remind the wearer of the importance of regular exercise. While it is easy to hide inconvenient fitness truths under baggy clothes and pants, short skirts bear one’s body for the whole world to see. This keeps the wearer honest- and conscientious about gym attendance.

What are your reasons for sporting a mini-skirt? 

Till then, I am sippin’ on my fashion chai and learning to be fashionable!



Be Spot-on with the Crop Top Trend

Last year’s infatuation with the crop top is back for another round and midriffs are having a skin-is-in moment. From Freida Pinto to our own home fashion queen-bee Sonam Kapoor, the crop trend has caught up with all top notch celebrities.

While, showing your midriff may seem like a scandalous look, only to be tested by celebrities but we have picked pictures of top celebs to show how you can wear a cropped top this summer – in style!

freida pinto

Pair a crop top with a high-waisted skirt for a more ladylike approach. Freida keeps t it chic by balancing out the tum exposure with a demure 50’s flared skirt – a Salvatore Ferragamo. Totally rad!

Indian Actress - Sonam Kapoor

Indian Actress – Sonam Kapoor

I picked this look from a FashionBlogger Dainty Girl, which btw is really feminine and elegant. Along with that is a picture of Singer-actress Monika Dogra, looking totally chic in this crop-top-boho-skirt ensemble!

Cropped Look

While the crop top is often a fashion trend that is feared by many, this season’s choices make it easier to embrace this tricky style statement. How would you style the crop top trend for summer?



How to calm a hurricane-hit hair!

Well, that’s how my  hair feels today – hurricane-hit! Like this –


She does look snappier than me though! :p

Anyway, worse, I am at work and am feeling something like this –

Frizzy Hair

So how did this –

frizzhappen to me!

Well, it has been pouring here for last two days, which has sent my her into a tizzy. As much as I LOVE the rainy weather, my hair doesn’t quite agree. It becomes, yes, FRIZZY and looks somewhat like the girl in the first pic, ummm, all these pictures! 😦 I so went to get out of this wet, frizzy, straggly mess.

I don’t know if this is a problem that men deal with, but every woman I’ve spoken to today has complained about how the weather ruined their hair, and potentially their whole day. A friend of mine even shared a picture of her ‘crazy’ hair with me. Thanks K! Though I think she looks really cool!


So how do you get a flat hair-do? I know there are a bunch of resources online which will tell you what to do? But I wanna know the real thing. How do you fight the frizz in the rainy season or do you just surrender (like the M&B heroine) to the gushing winds? I bet it’s not all that romantic, is it! Love to hear from you!

Till then, I am sippin’ on my fashion chai and learning to be fashionable!

Summer Fling: Top Flirty Picks of the Day!

Prepping for date? Want to bring out the girl in you? Want to be feminine and oh so pretty and yet flirty! 😉 Check out these dresses from Chicfactor store!

If you are not living in India right now, you can always find look a alike at your local store or any online dress store. But these are sure to make you feel flirty and feminine!

Here are my TOP Picks  –



White Floral Dress


The Mint Dance Dress

The Mint Dance Dress


Btw, a friend of mine bought this and wore it to her daughter’s party. It looked super hot and feminine! I think this dress  is a must-pick! Plus, the mint color is lovely for summer. 🙂

What are you top picks for looking flirty & feminine?

Keep sippin’ on the fashion chai!