‘Peplum Dress” – The latest fashion fad!!

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Peplum Dress has hit the fashion circuit and that too big time. Fashion magazines, gala dinners, award ceremonies, ramp walks and high-end brand display counters – you can easily spot a variety of them.
Most important aspect of a peplum is that it celebrates a waist-to-hip curve and most certainly not a look that only string beans can wear.
Peplums are fun and yes I personally like them a lot.
For all those who are not very familiar with Peplum Dress, here is a sneak peak for you.

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Summer Fling: Top Flirty Picks of the Day!

Prepping for date? Want to bring out the girl in you? Want to be feminine and oh so pretty and yet flirty! 😉 Check out these dresses from Chicfactor store!

If you are not living in India right now, you can always find look a alike at your local store or any online dress store. But these are sure to make you feel flirty and feminine!

Here are my TOP Picks  –



White Floral Dress


The Mint Dance Dress

The Mint Dance Dress


Btw, a friend of mine bought this and wore it to her daughter’s party. It looked super hot and feminine! I think this dress  is a must-pick! Plus, the mint color is lovely for summer. 🙂

What are you top picks for looking flirty & feminine?

Keep sippin’ on the fashion chai!