Girl Get that Cake: Fashionable Cake Themes

A birthday cake for a fashionista who lovessssss shoes!. Everything including the shoe is handcrafted and edible. Inside Dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache using highest quality Callebaut chocolate. This one is from Zoey’s Bakehouse.

Zoey's Bakehouse

Zoey’s Bakehouse

For the DIOR girl from Jayas Cakewalk


For the Pirate girl  from Jayas Cakewalk

Pirate Girl Theme Cake

Pirate Girl Theme Cake

For the lil’ girl in you  from Jayas Cakewalk

Jayas Cakewalk

Jayas Cakewalk

I think this one is super cute. Reminds me of my grandma’s old sewing machine. If grandma was still alive, I would have definitely presented her with this cake. I am sure she would have loved it! This one is for you G’Ma!

sewing machine cake

sewing machine cake

Hope these cakes have given you some fashionable ideas on how to celebrate your birthdays in style!

Till then, I am sippin’ on my fashion chai and learning how to be fashionable!


Organize Your Jewelry in Style – 5 DIY Tips

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“Loads of jewelry but no proper place to keep them”, “tired of those tangled chains”, “This boring jewelry box is giving me fitters”– this is exactly what is running in your head.  Well this is an endless saga that you will hear from every other girl.

Organizing your chains, bangles, neck-pieces and those bundles of earrings, is surely a challenging task even for the most organized person.  De-cluttering your collection not only lets you see what you own but also give access to those hidden treasures. 🙂 🙂

So here are few quick and display-worthy organizing ideas for your so lovable fashion accessories.

Use that old kitchen tool: You can organize all your earrings with the help of an old vegetable grater. Just pain it in your favorite color to add that bling.
7 DIY Jewelry Organizers to Make Yourself

DIY Jewelry Organizers to Make Yourself

Rakes: Tie a thick piece of string or a ribbon to an upside down rake, and its ready for your necklaces and earrings.
Cup it up: You can store your tiny earrings & those cute rings in your old cups & saucers.
 Cup Organizer
Old frame: Use that old mirror or photo frame to create that perfect jewelry organizer for you. Just paste a pretty lace/ribbon or string from one end to another and here you are ready with your new pet.

old mirror jewelry organizer

Egg or Ice Tray: You can put in use, your ceramic egg tray or an old ice tray to store your tiny miny treasures.
 Ice Tray
 Little Black Dress: Last but not the least, you can buy this black dress jewelry organizer to get your jewelry organized. It is available on Groupon for INR 349 only.
So get into the work and let us know if you implement any of these ideas. We would love to hear from you.