The White Box: Eco-Fashion

I was sippin some Ginger chai and thinking about how all of us want to be fashionable and especially with Eco-friendly options that give back; fashion that can help us spread good in the world and we can flaunt great stuff at the same time!

I happen to stumble upon this page (while sippin’ my cuppa of Chai) called The White Box. Unusual in name and its offerings; The White Box is a collection of handmade, creative products mostly made from eco-friendly materials. And all products are for SALE!

The White Box

I haven’t had the opportunity to touch and feel their products but what I see is pretty impressive and crafty! 🙂 Check out their hand-made Gift Tags collection  or hand-made Gift Boxes. My personal favorite is the hand-painted Shot Glasses collection, I think it is super chic!

Shot Glasses

Shot Glasses

There is lots more you’ll find once you start exploring their Facebook page. Some of these would great party favors or personalized gifts to friends and family.

Before I end this post, I like to share that that TWB is running a campaign called ‘Doodle a Day Project‘. Everyone is welcome to join! All you need to do is look through the list that is posted on their FB page for your drawing inspiration, post your doodle and and tag it with #doodleadayjune.

Here is what I posted –





Girl Get that Cake: Fashionable Cake Themes

A birthday cake for a fashionista who lovessssss shoes!. Everything including the shoe is handcrafted and edible. Inside Dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache using highest quality Callebaut chocolate. This one is from Zoey’s Bakehouse.

Zoey's Bakehouse

Zoey’s Bakehouse

For the DIOR girl from Jayas Cakewalk


For the Pirate girl  from Jayas Cakewalk

Pirate Girl Theme Cake

Pirate Girl Theme Cake

For the lil’ girl in you  from Jayas Cakewalk

Jayas Cakewalk

Jayas Cakewalk

I think this one is super cute. Reminds me of my grandma’s old sewing machine. If grandma was still alive, I would have definitely presented her with this cake. I am sure she would have loved it! This one is for you G’Ma!

sewing machine cake

sewing machine cake

Hope these cakes have given you some fashionable ideas on how to celebrate your birthdays in style!

Till then, I am sippin’ on my fashion chai and learning how to be fashionable!