How to calm a hurricane-hit hair!

Well, that’s how my  hair feels today – hurricane-hit! Like this –


She does look snappier than me though! :p

Anyway, worse, I am at work and am feeling something like this –

Frizzy Hair

So how did this –

frizzhappen to me!

Well, it has been pouring here for last two days, which has sent my her into a tizzy. As much as I LOVE the rainy weather, my hair doesn’t quite agree. It becomes, yes, FRIZZY and looks somewhat like the girl in the first pic, ummm, all these pictures! 😦 I so went to get out of this wet, frizzy, straggly mess.

I don’t know if this is a problem that men deal with, but every woman I’ve spoken to today has complained about how the weather ruined their hair, and potentially their whole day. A friend of mine even shared a picture of her ‘crazy’ hair with me. Thanks K! Though I think she looks really cool!


So how do you get a flat hair-do? I know there are a bunch of resources online which will tell you what to do? But I wanna know the real thing. How do you fight the frizz in the rainy season or do you just surrender (like the M&B heroine) to the gushing winds? I bet it’s not all that romantic, is it! Love to hear from you!

Till then, I am sippin’ on my fashion chai and learning to be fashionable!